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Work from Home: Setting Up A Home Office That Works For You

With everything going on in the world today, it’s quite likely that you’ve found yourself working from home. If you’re anything like us, your initial office space at home is probably not the best it could be. (My dining room table has been entirely covered in business-related papers on more than one occasion!) Here are the best tips and tricks for home office organization to help you out!

  1. Make sure it’s a separate space! While working from home, the temptation to work from a random spot can be overwhelming. However, study after study shows that a dedicated space will help with productivity more than any other single factor. Have a dedicated room, or space, to ensure work efficiency. If you don’t have a whole room to dedicate, a closet can convert to a home office more easily than you might think! Taking out the clothing rod gives you a space for a computer and small desk.

  2. Sit comfortably! Getting a chair and desk of the right height will prevent a lot of possible issues down the line, especially for office-style work. We highly recommend an ergonomic chair, which will help prevent wrist and back strain. Your desk does not have to be expensive or fancy, but having it at the right height is key to avoiding some aches and pains!

  3. Get your lighting right! Avoid direct light on yourself or what you’re working on, and try to keep the light ambient. Harsh light and excessive shadows can lead to eye strain over time, and avoiding eye strain is a major part of home office design. If your office space has a lot of natural light filtering in, that may be all that you need, but this option may not always be available. Have a backup option ready for when it’s dark out, make sure you can see your work clearly, and take a break if you feel your eyes starting to hurt.

  4. Keep it clean and organized! When working from home, the space you’re working in can have severe implications on your productivity and speed of work. If it’s not something you directly need to accomplish your work, we recommend removing it from the office space entirely. Take the time to ensure that you have a clear, cohesive organizational scheme, and that you have all the tools necessary to stick to it. Whether you like using a filing cabinet, stacking papers, or pinning things to a board, make sure there’s a sensible plan for moving things from one place to another and finding your documents.

With all of these tips in mind, you should be on the path to creating the home office space that works best for you. Avoid clutter, but feel free to decorate! Make the space as exciting or calming as you’d like, create the atmosphere that helps you get your work done as best you can.

Once you have your home office set up exactly how you’d like, tell us about the process at and send us a picture!

Stuck? Our redesign services may be for you! Call us for an office redesign consultation or plan, and make your office work for you!

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