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...your current home for the
way you actually live.

Specializing in taking your ideas (or what you don't like), and making a Design Game Plan for how you can get from "here" to "there!"

Start with a ReDesign Consultation, then we provide additional support if needed, through mood boards, shopping boards, floor plans and more!

Feel at home. Express your unique style, in ways that work for you.


From that..... to This!

Ready to get some fresh ideas and the resources you need to see your room's vision come to life, but want to save big bucks and do some or all of the work yourself?

For reasonable hourly design rates, we can help you determine the direction to go for your room's design, and support you during the process!

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We can creatively use

what you already have, blended for a "new" look, to redesign and refresh your troubling rooms!

Feel like your home is too small, set up awkwardly, has furniture that feels too old, too big, or doesn't match?  We can use a lot of what you have in a new design that will make it feel like a new room! We use 9 key aspects of design to create spaces that work for you, and that will help you "Feel At Home." 


We provide various levels of support for you, depending on what you need!  We aren't going to force any service on you, just share with you what we can do for you to help you reach your goals for your room(s).  It's up to you how much guidance or help you want!


What kinds of things can we help with?

Here's what I've heard lately:

* We don't know what to do with this huge wall.
* What size couch will fit and how do I arrange it?
* My kitchen/family room/dining room is so blah.
* I have so many ideas of what to do with this room that I am overwhelmed! I need help picking the best ideas and getting a direction.
* What white paint color do I use that works with my cabinets and nearby couch?
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 Design Questionnaire:

    (New one coming soon! Please schedule an Informational Discovery call!)

Liquid Texture

ReDesign Services


ReDesign Consultation


All design services start with a 1.5 hour Consultation.  We can add on from there if and as needed.


A stand-alone Consultation is best for homes where owners are DIY'ers and are ready to run with a plan that fits their needs. You may know what you want but need some direction, a fresh perspective, or a place to start.

Before the Consultation, we have you complete a Design Questionnaire, send us room photos, and submit some "inspiration" photos from one of our favorite design websites. We study this beforehand so we come to the Consultation already having an understanding of what look you are going for. 


During the Consultation, we'll make a game plan for the room to help you get from "here" to "there!" This could include the furniture arrangement and flow, what to remove to another location, how to highlight the architectural features and freshen up the room, lighting and window treatment options, color advice, and possibly make a priority shopping list!  

Sometimes, this hour and a half is enough and you can follow our plan from the Consultation and bring the room together on your own. Or, we can provide additional help.

$200 includes: 

  • a 20-minute Discovery Call, where we get an overall idea of your design situation, and answer any questions you have about our process.

  • review of saved inspiration photos, your room photos, and the style questionnaire

  • an in-person, 1.5 hour Consultation (Zoom possible if you live far away)

  • ideas and solutions brainstormed during the Consultation for your space or design problems

  • measurements taken as needed

  • general paint guidance (specific colors can be included, see below)

  • (* Plus $50 if one specific aspect of paint color measurements, palette etc needs to be done.) See our Color Consultations page if more color work is needed.

(travel fees added to invoice if over 30 minutes each way) house.png

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Fol low-Up Design Services Give you What you Need to Continue on your Own: house.png



After the Consultation, we can follow up with additional design deliverables that would help you take the next steps to finish your room.  We always give you an estimate of about how long each task will take, so you have control over your budget!   Follow-up design services are $100 per hour.


These services include mood boards, mock-ups of the room, 2D-3D floor plans, click and shop design boards etc.... This extra support, guidance, and resources could be exactly what you need! 

Some examples of some the additional things we can do for you, depending on your needs:



Book a Complimentary...

How it works:

1. Contact us via message, call, chat box, or complete the online design style questionnaire and we'll get a message.

2. We'll schedule a brief 15 minute "Discovery Call" to get a sense of your project, explain the process and what I could do to help you, discuss fees and answer any questions you have for me.

2. We'll then have you complete the questionnaire if you didn't already, and send us some photos of your space.

3. It helps a lot to have an "inspiration" item or photo that you love, so if you have a picture that you want to model your room after, send us that, too!

4. Then we'll have the in-home consultation, where we'll talk ideas, maybe move things or try out different options, find helpful pictures online, take room and /or color measurements, and plan any followup you need me to do. I can also give you a good estimate of how long any of these additional deliverables will take, and in some cases you would pay a retainer before I start.

5. We'll set up the next meeting if there's follow up work I will be doing, and then I'll get started on your plan!  If I'm not doing any follow up work, then you are good to keep going on your own!  (But please send me pictures when it's done!)

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One-Day Room Refresh

Transformation house.png

This hands-on "Refresh" service is for those who want their home to have a fresh, new look by predominantly using the furniture, accessories, and cherished collectables that you currently have.  Our Room-Refresh Transformation takes an ordinary room to extraordinary -- creating warm and inviting spaces that reflect your style.
We focus on 9 key aspects of each room to make your home a place you love coming home to! 


Some things we can do during our time together:

  * restyling bookshelves so you love how all your favorite items are displayed

  * work with your room's features, focal points, and traffic flow

  * relocate items, repurpose, &/or rearrange a space

  * remove or relocate some decor to make room for repurposed or new pieces

  * going shopping for decor and furniture

  * choosing window treatment options

  * evaluating and selecting /shopping for lighting options or lamps

  * choosing paint palette(s) that will work

Give us a day and see what we can do!  During the Planning Consult, we'll get a game plan for the day, determining what areas we will focus on and what resources we will need so we're prepared to make you fall back in love with as many rooms as possible!  (We aren't limited to just one room!)

We'll end our day by making sure you have answers to any other questions you may have about your next steps, and offer my advice or additional design services as needed.

$750 includes:

  • a Planning Consult on Zoom or in the home (up to one hour)

  • (some follow-up work may need to be done by the homeowner before home is ready for our designing and styling. Will be worked out at the Consultation.)

  • 6 hours in the home designing, decorating and/or shopping

  • and one Mood Board or 2D floorplan for some point in the process

* Consultation needs to be scheduled first.



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Room Makeover Transformation house.png

Affordable redesign on YOUR budget!  This service is for those who want their home to have a fresh, new look, shopping and bringing in new features, furniture and /or accessories to complete the "new" room you have been dreaming about. (This could be physical shopping or online shopping.)

There are a few options depending on your situation, but usually the plans include product images and clickable, digital shopping links, where you can click and shop, through more of a full-service where we can do some or all of the work, ending with installing the new design plan (certain jobs only), and plan a "reveal" day!

* Consultation needs to be scheduled first.

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6 (4).png
DF snip 7 dining room.PNG

Book a Complimentary...

* Mileage Charges:   Based on Google Maps calculations, the first 30 minutes each way is included;  $1/minute applied for additional time over 60 minutes from and to Grove City-- Round trip.  Applies per trip and will be added to bill.

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