ReDesign your current home for the
way you actually live.

Feel at home. Express your unique style, in ways that work for you.
Ready to use new pieces and / or your existing furniture, accessories and special collected items in a way that creates a room that feels like you've always wanted?

We can creatively use what you already have, or blend it with a "new" look, to rearrange and redesign your troubling rooms!

Feel like your home is too small, set up awkwardly, has furniture that feels too old, too big, or doesn't match?  We can use a lot of what you have in a new design that will make it feel like a new room! We use 9 key aspects of design to create spaces that work for you, and that will help you "Feel At Home." 


We provide various levels of support for you, depending on what you need!  We aren't going to force any service on you, just share with you what we can do for you at each level.  It's up to you how much advice or guidance or help you want!

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 Design Questionnaire:
      Tell us what you like!

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ReDesign Services

ReDesign Consultation

Best for rooms where owners are DIY'ers and are ready to run with a plan that fits their needs. You may know what you want but are stuck.

During the ReDesign Consultation, depending on your goals, we discuss the furniture arrangement and flow, how to best rearrange the space, what to remove to another location, how to highlight the architectural features and freshen up the room, lighting, window treatments, color advice, and possibly make a priority shopping list!

After we see the space, you can follow our plan from the Consultation and bring the room together.  If we are on a roll, we can continue guiding the process and working on it with you, depending on the situation.  This could be exactly what you need!

After the Consultation, we can follow up with additional design products that might help you take the next steps to finish your room.  We always give you an estimate of about how long each product will take, so you have control over your budget!


Here are examples of some of the additional things we can do for you, if needed:


One-Day Room Refresh Transformation     

This hands-on "Refresh" service is for those who want their home to have a fresh, new look by predominantly using the furniture, accessories, and cherished collectables that you currently have.  Our Room Refresh Transformations takes an ordinary room to extraordinary -- creating a warm and inviting space that reflects your style.
We work with your room's features, focal points, and traffic flow to relocate, repurpose, &/or rearrange a space that works for you, for much less than buying all new furniture!  Give us a day and see what we can do!

* Consultation needs to be scheduled first.


 Design Questionnaire:
      Tell us what you like!

ReDesign Room Makeover Transformation

Affordable redesign on YOUR budget!  This service is for those who want their home to have a fresh, new look, bringing in new features, furniture and /or accessories to complete the "new" room you have been dreaming about.

There are a few options depending on your situation, but usually the plans can include product images and clickable, digital shopping links, through full-service where we do the work, install the new design plan (certain jobs only), and plan a "reveal" day!


* Consultation needs to be scheduled first.

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 Design Questionnaire:
      Tell us what you like!

Optional Add-On Redesign Services: 

Cosmetic Updates / “Honey-Do-List”:           

Certain smaller jobs can be handled by us!  Talk to us about what we can do to cross things off your list. Can only be added to a redesign service, not as a stand-alone service.

Shopping Services:            

We can save you time and money with our discounts and shopping smarts!  We can get a discount at many places, and shop for renovating samples or your recommended accessories at a reasonable hourly rate, plus the cost of the items.  You can be sure that we will get all the "pieces" for your project so you can enjoy the beautiful changes to your home and not be stressed or stuck in indecision mode.

* Mileage Charges:   Based on Google Maps calculations, the first 30 minutes each way is included;  $1/minute applied for additional time over 60 minutes from and to Grove City-- Round trip.  Applies per trip and will be added to bill.