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 Paint Color Solutions

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Relying on the technical measurements of any item's "color DNA": 

~ hue, value, & chroma data, ~

we use the art of color science to bring you beautiful rooms & peace of mind!

We narrow down the choices of what colors or neutrals WILL work with your fixed items, and use any major paint companies' colors. 

Color data helps us make our palette selections, so you'll
ve the peace of mind to go forth and make those
expensive paint decisions!

Large paint samples of selected options from SW and BM are
always complimentary and mailed to your home!

Paint Pots and Color Wheel
Color Strategiest paint services in Mercer County, PA

Our Color Packages...

...address the most common paint color problems:


We can use any item or fixed finish to build a cohesive color palette.  Don't guess! Let us come take measurements of your colors and put options together for you.

Choosing paint colors can be very overwhelming;  choosing whites and neutrals that will work with your fixed items-- even more so!  


Let us help you narrow down and plan your next design project!

Can do remotely:

adjust color pg1.png
Like a paint color but wish it were lighter, darker, less gray, more gray, less yellow....OR, you need complementary accent colors that work with a color you have?

Don't start messing with paint formulas! When they are adjusted, all three color dimensions are affected: hue, value and chroma. You cannot predict how it will look!

Starting at $50
color palette pg1.png
You've selected a few colors that you want to use for your walls and trim, but aren't sure that they work together. Will they work together when on my walls?

We'll evaluate your color palette choices based on hue, value and chroma, and offer suggestions for alternate colors if needed.

Starting at $150
for up to 4 colors

Best to do on-site:  
(or purchase a Color Muse and I'll walk you through the data collection)

neutral pg 1.png
You're starting with a fixed finish like a countertop, cabinets, sofa or that beautiful rug, but you have no clue how to choose a paint color that will "work" with it besides subjectively comparing 32,841 paint chips....

We'll check your fixed finishes and give you up to three neutral colors that will work for your space!

Starting at $175
for three options
whites pg 1.png
Who knew there were thousands of white paint colors? You're feeling overwhelmed, have tried waaaay too many samples, and your head is spinning!

Using color measurements, we can find the right whites that work together for you!

Starting at $175

* Mileage Charges:   Based on Google Maps calculations, the first 30 minutes each way is included;  $1/minute applied for additional time over 60 minutes from and to Grove City-- Round trip.  Applies per trip and will be added to bill.

Some Resources...

...we use to solve your color conundrums:

Camp-Chroma-Munsell tree.
Color Strategiest Color Wheel example of paint services in Mercer County, PA.
colorography example with color wheel.
dna table example for Color Consultations.
Colorography example
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