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Staging Services


Our staging services are strategically designed to increase the marketability of any type of property:  vacant, owner-occupied, estates, or a combination of these.  We customize our plans for each house, dependent upon its features and style, the buyer demographics, and the seller's budget and timeline. 

Let us market your house by styling it in a way that adds the visual appeal and emotional connections that are necessary to attract the most buyers and best offers. 

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~ The Marketable Home ~
Staging Consultation 

During our powerfully transformative 2.5 hour Consultation for "Owner-Occupied" Homes, you won't believe what we cover! We discuss specifically how to transform each room and each area into marketable spaces that buyers want to see so your house is ready for photos, showings, and offers!  ​We'll prepare your home to hit the market as strongly as possible by going through every room while following our unique 9-step FEEL-At-HOME process. We have a simple Seller's Action Plan form you'll complete in each room to record your “to-do’s.”  After following through on your plan, you will be amazed at how your home will look in the important MLS marketing photos.  We apply the data and facts about what buyers want, using your items and with your timeline and budget in mind.  ​When we're done, we will have: * planned and discussed curb appeal recommendations * structured each space so that the fixed features of your house are highlighted * set up or discussed optimal furniture flow and accessory and art placement  * discussed how to best downplay distractions for buyers in each room * identified and found options to solve common  issues such as repairs, pet situations, cleaning etc… * identified what needs to be “edited,” along with pre-packing recommendations * reviewed our paint and color suggestions * discussed repairs and have options for additional updates that are effective but won't break the bank * created a shopping list for purchases that will make a huge impact * identified a “top ten” priority list so you feel confident in knowing where to start!     In under 2.5 hours, you'll have a prioritized plan to make your house as marketable as possible, and feel confident in the next steps you need to take to get there.                                                                 Some homes, including larger houses, may need to include additional time. WARNING: This is NOT a “mother-in-law- tidy-up” service, but a full-out, we-cover-EVERYTHING kind of consultation!)

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Photo -Ready -
~ Styling for Photos ~

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After the Consultation, we'll come back right before photos to add the finishing touches to the styling.  You can leave it to us to sprinkle a little "magic" to make the house look its very best in your marketing photos, Open Houses and showings. 

(Can include styling with only your items, or our supplementing additional items from our vast inventory in the "PLUS" option.)

" Plus" Option:  

For this "top-tier" option, we will select and bring our carefully curated inventory of accessories and art and style them with some of your items, resulting in rooms that are enhanced to the highest level.
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Photos from our actual inventory storage warehouse.

Our staging packages are all CUSTOM planned and designed with buyers in mind. EVERY house will look different and be styled according to the layout, colors, unique features, floor plan, buyer demographics, and overall feel of the house itself.   We highlight its features by using on-trend furnishings, accessories and art to make potential buyers fall in love with every room!

~ Vacant Home Staging ~
3 base packages 

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Selling a vacant house that needs some attention and key updates before listing it to increase your ROI, but don't have the time, energy, or know-how? Making cosmetic updates in a house makes a HUGE difference in the buyer-experience.  63% of buyers will pay more for a move-in-ready home! (NAR) We know which key updates buyers want to see, including lighting, color selection and painting, faucets, mirrors, curtain panels etc... And know what to do in its place!  Don't spend hours second-guessing yourself, or giving up and selling as-is at the cost of thousands of dollars! Let us assess what cost-effective updates are needed, shop, remove, install, then stage that beauty to look incredible and sell faster for more money. You can just come for the big reveal and let us handle the rest!

~ Total Transformation ~
        Update, Stage & Sell 

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We really loved working with Amy on staging our house for sale. She made so many simple ch

ReDesign Services

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We specialize in taking your ideas and making a Design Game Plan for how you can get from "here" to "there!"  Start with a Consultation, then we provide additional support as needed, through mood boards, mock-ups, 2D and 3D floor plans and more!

Ready to get some fresh ideas and the resources you need to see your room's vision come to life, but want to save big bucks and do some or all of the work yourself?  For reasonable hourly design rates, we can help you determine the direction to go for your room's design, and support you during the process!


~ ReDesign Consultation ~
 Direction & Ideas

...MORE ReDesign Consult info here...

Consultations can be a stand-alone service to get you on your way, or a springboard for additional support. Before the Consultation, we have you complete a Design Questionnaire, send us room photos, and submit some "inspiration" photos from one of our favorite design websites. We study this beforehand so we come to the Consultation already having an understanding of what look you are going for.  During the Consultation, we'll make a game plan for the room to help you get from "here" to "there!" This could include the furniture arrangement and flow, what to remove to another location, how to highlight the architectural features and freshen up the room, lighting and window treatment options, color advice, and possibly make a priority shopping list!   ​Sometimes, this hour and a half is enough and you can follow our plan from the Consultation and bring the room together on your own. Or, we can provide additional help. ​$200 Consultation includes:  * a 20-minute Discovery Call, where we get an overall idea of your design situation, and answer any questions you have about our process. * review of saved inspiration photos, your room photos, and the style questionnaire * an in-person, 1.5 hour Consultation * ideas and solutions brainstormed during the Consultation for your space or design problems * measurements taken as needed * general paint guidance (specific colors can be included, see below) See our Color Consultations page if more color work is needed.

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~ Color Consultation ~
         Stop the Overwhelm!

...MORE paint Color info here...

We can narrow down the choices of what colors or neutrals will work with your fixed items, and use any major paint companies' colors.  Our data helps us make palette selections that will work in your home, so you'll have the peace of mind to go forth and make those expensive paint decisions! Large paint samples of selected options from SW and BM are always complimentary and mailed to your home!

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