Staging is the key to making Realtors'
listings stand out!




Get ahead of the competition by using Home Staging

as a marketing tool!

Invest in Owner-Occupied styling or Vacant home staging,

and have beautiful photos and showings that will energize interest in your properties.

From Owner-Occupied Hands-On Consultations

to full Vacant Stages, we have you covered!

You want what is best for your clients:  their house to look the best it can, the photos to be beautiful, and the space to welcome buyers home when they visit.
Team up with a home stager to provide your sellers with the tools they need to sell faster and for more money, whether in a "hot" or "cold" market.

In a HOT market, staged homes sell for a higher price.

In a SLOW market, staged homes result in fewer days on market.

Having a reputation for being the agent who is proactive by styling to sell an occupied home, or staging a vacant home will increase your marketability and make you and your agency stand out among all the others.
If you don't initially list with staging in place or styling complete, you can still use it to generate interest.  Do you have some occupied or vacant listings that have been on the market for too long? 
..Including before and after consultation photos to show your sellers!

NOTE:  We recommend that sellers pay for their own Consultations, not the Realtor.  You can pay for it, but it helps sellers have buy-in to the process when they pay.


How a Stager is Valuable to You!


Give "top shelf" VALUE to your sellers and set yourself apart from the competition in your marketing and listing proposals.  Get buyers' attention in photos and during the important showings!


1.  We make you look fantastic!

2.  We provide support for you and your sellers!

1. We can help you tell sellers about the staging or styling services that you recommend. (Example: Tell them you work with a specialist who prepares homes for the market, and have them call me!)

2.  A Complimentary Staging Phone Chat with any and all of your sellers.


3.  A photo example page (in the link above) with lots of my before and after consultation pictures you can show your clients ahead of time.

4.  Priority Scheduling on any staging or styling service for your listings.

5.  Educational guidance and support for your sellers, such as a House Showing Guide, Home-Seller Etiquette, Preparing for the Photo Shoot, a short seller's video about staging, and a Moving Guide.  :-)



Red Fox Lane BeforeAfters.png

Other things of interest to Realtors:

"Partnering for Success"
2-minute video
for Real Estate Agents

Over and over again, staging and styling has proven to be a game-changer for Realtors and sellers. 
Download the NEW NAR 2021 Profile of Home Staging Statistics here.

Did you know.....?
A new listing gets 3x's more views in its first week on the market than at any time after that.  So launch your homes fully staged from the beginning!

A home gets 5x's more views on its first day of listing
than on subsequent days (Redfin), and more in-person tours during the first week on the market.

Make the first impressions count!




"Amy staged a vacant house I owned and used as a rental property. As a realtor, I know vacant homes take longer to sell.... We were amazed at how she totally transformed the house and made it "pop"!! ...under contract in 7 days at close to asking price!


I highly recommend Amy and Home Transformations!! It is a service that will sell houses faster and at a higher sale price! I speak as a professional realtor as well as a seller.  Don't Amy!"

                           Realtor Debbie King,

                                 Grove City, PA