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Marketable Home: Staging Consultation

FAQs and Photos for Sellers

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If you were the buyer, which
room would appeal to you more ?


  "Lived-in Look"
A personalized design

distracts buyers from seeing the features of the house.

  "Styled to Sell"
Starting with a Consultation, we then use the owner's items and/or ours to prepare for buyers!


       Here's what we did: 

Split up the sectional, moving part to a living room that had no couch. Found an end table, coffee table, and rocking horse in the basement. Removed the curtains and replaced with these from the office.  Streamlined, moved and added in color to the wall art so they eye only stops at key places.  Result:  A room that is ready for buyers to love!


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Q: What is home staging?

  • A:  Home staging is the visual marketing process of strategically arranging a property to highlight its best features, attract potential buyers, and facilitate a faster and more profitable sale. Home staging can be anything from a consultation, to supplementing with a stager’s items, to fully staging a vacant house.

Q: Why is home staging important?

  • A:  Home staging is crucial as it helps create a more marketable, visually appealing and inviting environment based on what buyers want, allowing potential buyers to envision themselves living in the space. It often leads to quicker sales and potentially higher offers.

Q:  Will I have to move everything out of my house for it to be staged?

  • A:  No!  If you are living in your house while selling, a stager can respectfully and creatively problem-solve with ‘no-judgement’ to help you set up your house for what buyers want to see and feel, by using the furnishings and décor you already have with minimal additional purchases.  We know you still need to live there, so we make it work for your life but yet maximize the value of the house.

Q:  When is the best time to stage a home?

  • A:  A home should be staged before it is listed for sale, as a house is never as valuable as its first day on the market. Staging prior to listing ensures that the property looks its best from the start, capturing the attention of potential buyers. Houses get 5x’s more views in the first few days on the market, so staging makes it stand out even more.

Q:  Can’t I stage my home myself?  I am good at decorating.

  • A:  Staging isn’t a quick tidy-up, plumping pillows, or your decorating skills – it’s about visual marketing.  We use design principles of balance, scale, and color, combined with neuromarketing research, to highlight certain features for buyers while using your items, often in a new way or location. Homeowners are emotionally connected to their home, so it makes it hard for owners to effectively stage it. Hiring a professional is well worth the investment as they will make powerful recommendations with solutions that you may never have thought of to attract a wider pool of buyers.

Q: Will staging guarantee a higher sale price?

  • A:  While there are no guarantees in real estate, well-executed home staging can contribute to a higher perceived and actual value, potentially leading to more views, showings, and competitive offers from buyers.

Consultation Photos...


Flip through these as examples of the value The Marketable Home: Staging Consultation has on buyers.

** If possible, use a laptop or ipad as the pictures may not show in their entirety on a phone.**


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How does staging

          my house help it sell?
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1. Staging typically increases the value of a home by 6-20%.

2. The cost of staging is ALWAYS less than your first price reduction!


3. Staged houses spend up to 90% less time on the market.

4. Beautiful photos highlighting your home's features are key to making a lasting first impression.

5.  Staged homes appeal to more buyers because they are set up based on what buyers want to see and feel in a house.

(Research from the NAR (National Association of Realtors) Profile of Home Staging

Report from 2021, and recent RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) studies.)

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            Home Staging is the only investment that yields, on average,

$400 for every $100 invested.

                                                           --NAR Profile on Home Staging 2021

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How a buyer FEELS in a home can make the difference of
thousands and thousands of $$$!


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