"Occupied " Homes: 
Styled to Sell


Yes!  We CAN beautifully style your home
   to sell while you are living in it!
Staged & Styled by
Home Transformations Staging & ReDesign
2.  For the Most Impact, Choose a Staging Day Package:
after kids guest room 2.jpg
If you were the buyer, which
room would appeal to you more ?
  "Lived-in Look"
A personalized design distracts buyers from the features of a house
  "Styled to Sell""
Using the owner's items, each room now has the key features that buyers want and will pay more for.
Staged & Styled by
Home Transformations Staging & ReDesign

1.  Our Consultation is a hands-on, working session, transforming your rooms to be quickly ready for listing photos, attracting more buyers, and selling for Top Dollar!  $$$
        Pre-Listing, Hands-On 
Consultation with Transformations   
During this effective and transformative in-home consultation, we work together using your items to transform your rooms into a beautiful space, ready for photos, showings, and offers!  We focus on 9 key factors that will help us prepare your home and present it to the market. You won't have this process hanging over your head, as we will work for as long as you need us to! 
You will be amazed at how your home will be transformed to give you beautiful MLS photos.  We also discuss improving curb appeal and give customized advice for followup repairs, painting and cleaning.  We apply the data and facts about what buyers want, using your items and with your budget in mind. 


Consults include transforming as many rooms as we can in our time.  We can add on additional hours as needed. 


When we're done, we will have:

  • set up optimal furniture flow and accessory placement

  • downplayed distractions for buyers

  • discussed and started some pre-packing recommendations

  • reviewed our paint and color suggestions

  • discussed repairs and have options for money-making updates

  • planned out curb appeal recommendations

  • created a shopping list for details that make a huge impact

  • created a Seller's Action Plan Staging Report for followup tasks

Most houses are 2-4 hours.

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Staged & Styled by
Home Transformations Staging & ReDesign

2.  In need of more extensive staging help, with some accessories and a design plan that uses some of your items along with our decor and art to transform your rooms?  Then this service is for you! 
Hands-On Staging
  with Accessories   
This is the most effective "occupied" staging you can do, and is for sellers who are serious about doing what it takes to sell, are in need of some supplementary updated decor for a fresh look and feel for buyers, and are ready to get it done! 
We use your items and furnishings with our accessories and decor to enhance, resulting in a beautiful look buyers will love!  We'll come visit or look at photos, then start planning every aspect of the transformation! 
Before we arrive, we may make a shopping list for you for items such as pillows or bedding. We also may request you move or remove certain pieces of furniture ahead of time to get things ready for us to work, as well as take care of any other necessary things we notice from the photos or our initial visit.  The rest we'll do on the staging day! 
After we spend a few hours in the house, setting up each room and all the details buyers want to see, your house will be transformed and ready for photos, an open house, and lots of showings!  Your Realtor and the buyers will LOVE the look and feel of the house!


This package includes transforming as many rooms as we can in our allotted time.  We can add on additional hours as needed for larger homes.  You will have an estimate ahead of time.  This package will not work in all situations;  we can give you an idea after an initial phone call.



Staged & Styled by

Home Transformations Staging & ReDesign


Let's get started!  ------>

Estimates to stage occupied homes are made on a house-by-house basis, and require one of our 2-3 hour home staging consultations first, before the estimate can be given.

Check out our other Optional  Services
      Designed to Help You Stage Successfully:


Shopping Services:                 

We can save you time and money with our discounts and shopping smarts!  We can shop for your recommended accessories at a reasonable hourly rate.

Cosmetic Repairs / “Honey-Do-List”:       

Certain smaller jobs can be handled by us!  Talk to us about what we can do to cross things off your list! 

Packing Assistance:                 

Pre-packing and sorting assistance as part of preparing to stage your home to sell!  Can be specific for certain rooms, area, or time.  Can only be added to a staging service, not as a stand-alone service.


Professional Photography:       

We can bring a professional photographer at the end of some of our packages to capture the beauty of your new spaces!