YES!  We CAN beautifully stage your home while you are living in it!

"Occupied" Homes:  Staged to Sell

Services & Packages

2.  For the Most Impact, Choose a Staging Day Package:
Photo-Prep Package  (Your items, 3 hours)                 


3 hours.   This is a followup visit after the consultation homework is done.  We will use your furniture and accessories, plus anything you have purchased since the consultation, to pull it all together so your house shows beautifully for the all-important photographs.  Stager will rearrange your furniture, decor, and artwork for optimal showings and MLS pictures.  Focus is spent in high-impact, money-making rooms of the home. 


1.  Start with One of Our Two  Consultations:
      (All services start with one of these two Consultations. Packages afterwards not required, but recommended.)
Pre-Listing / Re-Listing Consultation (2 hours)                       
(Plan for your own “DIY-Transformation”)

During this 2-hour, very-informative in-home consultation, we will use a 9-step process to help you “DIY-ers” create a plan for how to best prepare your home and present it to the market, while getting a maximum return on investment.  We walk outside and through each room of the home with you and give customized, easy-to-follow suggestions framed within our written DIY Seller’s Action Plan.  We apply the data and facts about what buyers want while we develop the Seller's Action Plan, using your  items and with your budget in mind.

Afterwards, homeowners are welcome to send us photos and questions during their preparation process!

$200 for 2 hours;  some houses may need more time.

The Pre-Listing Consultation & Transformation Combination  (3 hours)      

3 hours.   Consult + Transformation.  This unique package combines the Pre-Listing Consultation AND additional "transformations" into one session!  After the three hours, you will have your written Seller’s Action Plan, as well as at least one room transformed into a beautiful space, ready for buyers!  We will share tips and styling examples for you to use in the rest of your house.  This package is perfect for some houses, and enough to get others well on their way to preparing for beautiful pictures and showings! (Extra time can be added on if needed.)

Afterwards, homeowners are welcome to send us photos and questions during their preparation process!


2.  Include more support and get beautiful results with our
        Occupied Home Packages:
Owner-Occupied Transformation
Staging Package  
(Your items, up to 2 hours in the home plus planning time)             


This package is an action-packed followup visit after the consultaton homework is done. We will make HUGE transformations using the furnishings and accessories that you already have to make the most of arranging and styling each space!  We will recommend purchases as needed. We will work fast for 2 hours in the home, following the Action Plan to ensure the highlighting of your home's best features.


Our hands-on staging will prepare your house for optimal showings and MLS pictures.  Focus is spent in high-impact, money-making rooms of the home.  More time can be added if needed.

$300 for times listed above 

 Owner-Occupied Transformation Staging          + Accessories Package     
(Our accessories and your items, up to 4 hours in the home plus planning time)    


This accessories package is also a followup, action-packed visit after the consultation homework is done, and includes our beautiful, on-trend, hand-selected accessories (decor, artwork, greenery) and /or furnishings, chosen to enhance your home's current design. Stager will rearrange and add in  decor, artwork and any suggested decor you have purchased since the Consultation, leading to optimal showings and MLS pictures. Focus is spent in high-impact, money-making rooms of the home.  More time can be added if needed.

$600 for times listed above.

Plus small rental fee for accessories.

The Refresh Photo-Prep Package  (2 hours)              


2 hours.   This is a followup visit after one of our Transformation packages.   We will attend to styling the furnishings, accessories and other details needed to "refresh" your house to get it in to tip-top shape for an upcoming Open House or new MLS photos!  We will also work in any new accessories you have purchased since your Transformation package to create stunning rooms that buyers will fall in love with!


Let's get started!  ------>

Estimates to stage occupied homes are made on a house-by-house basis, and require one of our 2-3 hour home staging consultations first, before the estimate can be given.

Visit our other helpful pages  ------>

3.  Check out our Optional  Services
      Designed to Help You Stage Successfully:


Shopping Services:                  $50/hour

We can save you time and money with our discounts and shopping smarts!  We can shop for your recommended accessories at a reasonable hourly rate.

Accessory Packages and/or Art Rentals:          $ varies

This is an easy way to beautify your staged house, where you rent beautiful accessory packages from us.  Accessory packages are provided by the room, depending on your house's needs. We will select appropriate pieces for you house and recommend placement.  The cost of renting from us is a fraction of what you would pay to buy them.

Cosmetic Repairs / “Honey-Do-List”:        $ varies

Certain smaller jobs can be handled by us!  Talk to us about what we can do to cross things off your list!  Can only be added to a staging service, not as a stand-alone service.

Packing Assistance:                  $75/hour

Pre-packing and sorting assistance as part of preparing to stage your home to sell!  Can be specific for certain rooms, area, or time.  Can only be added to a staging service, not as a stand-alone service.


Professional Photography:        Price varies

We can bring a professional photographer at the end of some of our packages to capture the beauty of your new spaces!  These photos will be  highlighted on our social media staging posts.



Either Consultation must be done before any of the packages.

See above page for descriptions of each service.

Accept Visa or Master Card; check or bank draft preferred.


Our Staging & Redesign Services

can now be done "remotely"!

Same services, but from a distance!

General Terms of Service for Staging Days: 

Home must be prepped (painting, repairs and/or pre-packing suggestions from the Seller's Action Plan completed) and cleaned prior to stager arrival.  After specified time in the home, any additional hours revert to stager's hourly rate.  Deposit of half due when scheduling to save the appointment date.  Balance due based on terms of agreement.  Agreement required for some services. 

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We are an HSR Certified Professional home staging and interior redesign organization serving  Grove City, Mercer, Slippery Rock, Hermitage, Neshannock, PA and the surrounding area.  We have completed the most comprehensive and intensive home staging and redesign certification courses in North America provided by the Home Staging Resource

The HSR Certification program was the first and is one of the only Accredited staging training by the Real Estate Staging Assocation (RESA), who is the governing body for the home staging industry.​

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