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Living in your house while selling?  Our "Occupied " Home
Staging Services are what you need!

Our unique Consultations are stand-alone services for DIYers, and provide everything you need to enter the market as strongly as possible.

We also offer additional Photo-Prep services as well as Enhancement Staging Days to make preparing to sell a simple and straightforward process for you!
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Home Transformations Staging & ReDesign

Occupied Staging Services

In occupied homes,  after our customized Consultation, we can provide additional services, such as staging with your belongings, or blending our inventory with yours to highlight

key features of the house for photos and buyers.

  *Mileage rates apply to all services

~ The Marketable Home ~
Staging Consultation

Before the Consultation, we’ll email you a slide deck so you have been introduced to the mindset of a successful home seller and know what to expect from our time together.  

During our powerfully transformative 2.5 hour Consultation, we discuss specifically how to transform your rooms into marketable spaces that buyers want to see so your house is ready for photos, showings, and offers! 

​We'll go through every room, following our unique 9-step FEEL-At-HOME process, to prepare your home to hit the market as strongly as possible. We have a simple Seller's Action Plan form you'll complete in each room to record your “to-do’s.” 

After following through on your plan, you will be amazed at how your home will look in the important MLS marketing photos.  We apply the data and facts about what buyers want, using your items and with your timeline and budget in mind. 

When we're done, we will have:

* planned and discussed curb appeal recommendations

* structured each space so that the fixed features of your house are highlighted

* set up or discussed optimal furniture flow and accessory and art placement 

* discussed how to best downplay distractions for buyers in each room

* identified what needs to be “edited,” along with pre-packing recommendations

* reviewed our paint and color suggestions

* discussed repairs and have options for additional updates that are effective but won't break the bank

* created a shopping list for purchases that will make a huge impact

* identified a “top ten” priority list so you feel confident in knowing where to start!    


In under 2.5 hours, you'll have a prioritized plan to make your house as marketable as possible, and feel confident in the next steps you need to take to get there.                                                                

Some homes, including larger houses, may need to include additional time.


Staged & Styled by

Home Transformations Staging & ReDesign

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~ The Photo-Prep ~
Styling for Photos

After The Marketable Home Staging Consultation as a starting point, we’ll come back a few hours before the photos are scheduled to add the finishing touches of styling and placement of your items.


This way, you don’t have to figure out or learn how to style every item in every area, and you can leave it to us to make sure the house shows its very best in your marketing photos.

This is the most effective "occupied" staging you can do, and is for sellers who are serious about doing what it takes to sell, are in need of some supplementary updated decor for a fresh look and feel for buyers, and are ready to get it done! Plan your photos for the day or or after a Staging Day, as we will leave it "picture-perfect!" After The Marketable Home Staging Consultation as a starting point, we'll begin planning every aspect of the transformation! We'll develop a design plan that blends your items with our on-trend accessories, art and decor to enhance and transform each room, resulting in a beautiful look buyers will love! ​ At the Consultation, we will have told you what items to purchase, such as soft items like pillows or bedding, and what to "pre-pack," move or remove from each room. Give it all a good cleaning, and we'll take care of the rest on the staging day! ​ After we set up each room with all the details, your house will be transformed and ready for photos, an open house, and lots of showings! Your Realtor and the buyers will LOVE the look and feel of the house!

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~ The Enhanced Home ~
An Occupied 
Staging Day

Staged & Styled by

Home Transformations Staging & ReDesign

Prices vary depending on needs. Starting at $1250  (45-day contract) includes: a custom staging-design plan, accessory package, all staging, styling, and inventory placement, six-week rental, and destaging at the end of the period.

* Mileage Rates apply



Luxury Staging Services


  • Occupied Home Consultations

  • Occupied Home Staging Photo Prep 

  • Vacant Home Update Consultations 

We would love to provide the above services for your luxury home!  We do not carry furniture for vacant "luxury" homes, but can bring tremendous value by staging with the owner's items in a Photo Prep session using the owner's items.

Staged & Styled by

Home Transformations Staging & ReDesign

Staging is a combination of interior design, psychology of space and color, and understanding of photography to attract buyers to the all-important in-home visit.

We partner with realtors, homeowners and investors to make the visual merchandising of your house a seamless, customized process from beginning to end.
After home staging consultation: kitchen and dining room are light and bright in Butler County, PA.
Before home staging consultation: kitchen and dining room in Butler County, PA
Staged & Styled by
Home Transformations Staging & ReDesign

* Mileage Rates apply to all services:   Based on Google Maps calculations, the first 30 minutes each way is included;  $1/minute applied for additional time over 60 minutes from and to Grove City-- Round trip.  Applies per trip and will be added to bill.

Estimates to stage occupied homes are made on a house-by-house basis, and require one of our 2-3 hour home staging consultations first, before the estimate can be given.

Check out our other Add-On Services
      ...designed to Help You Stage Successfully:


Shopping Services:                 

We can save you time and money with our discounts and shopping smarts!  We can shop for your recommended accessories at a reasonable hourly rate.  This takes the stress off of you and let's us take care of the details for the "soft" items that need to be purchased to Wow! your buyers!

Cosmetic Repairs / “Honey-Do-List”:       

Not too handy with tools, or just don't have the time it takes to get them done?  Certain smaller jobs can be handled by us!  From painting to various updates, we can cross things off your "to-do" list!  We aim to be a one-stop-shop for many common tasks sellers need to do.

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