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Staging Misconception #2 (Part 1) "Why would I spend money on my house? I'm going to sell it!"

Are your kids like mine, trying to pull the line on you: "Mom, you gotta spend money to make money!" even when it doesn't make sense, like why they should upgrade their phone or something ridiculous like that? Incorrect targets aside, they have the right economic idea.

And it's one to keep in mind. This is where staging skills come in handy. A trained stager specializes in the art and science of selling your house by creatively designing or tweaking spaces to appeal to the widest range of buyers (thereby enlarging your buyer-pool). Usually, this is an occupied home, and, we stagers can create this feeling for buyers while using most of your own items!

When potential buyers visit your home, you want THEM to “feel at home” in your house. To do this….

...creative, resourceful stagers (like us!!) can encompass what to remove, add in, highlight, downplay, lighten up, paint, clean, move to a different room, change, update, buy, emphasize, and how to live there during showings; all to improve the value and buyer interest level. This will dramatically improve buyer-love by appealing to more buyers! And a bigger buyer-pool is what you want!

But back to money. And spending money to make money.

  • Staging is an investment in your home.

  • Staging doesn’t mean bringing in all new stuff like on HGTV; you want cost-conscious, creative-thinking stagers who start with what you have.

  • Occupied home staging services run the range from a DIY consultation to hands-on staging /Transformation Days, where we do the styling and set up of each room, using our creativity, your belongings, a few purchased or rental accessories if needed, and all within your budget.

"But surely this will cost me?" you may be asking...

  • Yes, but not much, relatively speaking.

  • Most agents agree that from 1% - 3% of the home’s value should be invested into the preparation to sell, including cosmetic work, updates, cleaning and design, which is all staging.

  • For every $100 a seller invests in preparing their home to sell, they usually make $400 back at the sale. (National Association of Realtors study, 2019). WOW! READ THAT AGAIN!!

A stager can prioritize all these tasks for you. In addition, buying a house that is “move-in ready” (read: “prepped and staged”) was the #2 most influential factor when buying a home, based on a study of 1000 buyers by Porch. (In the right budget range was #1.)

Your home is your most valuable asset. It needs to be professionally highlighted so that it shows in the best possible light, possibly with a higher listing price; a bigger buyer-pool helps you sell faster and for more money.

A trained, certified stager's input can be the most important advice you get when preparing to sell. Yes, it is money spent up front, but, like many wise kids will argue, you gotta invest money to make money. But it's not ridiculous this time. It's fact.

(Next blog post is Part 2, where we'll look at this investment concept more, but in terms of real numbers.)

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