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3 Key Elements that will Make your Home Irresistible to Buyers

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

You probably enjoy making your home your own, using the colors and decor you prefer. But as a home stager, I know for certain that when selling what is likely your largest investment, your home, your end goal becomes simple economics: make it irresistible to buyers so it garners more interest, thereby selling quicker and for more money. And this can't be done by using your design preferences!

Considering buyers’ wants and needs gives us valuable insight into how to make your home irresistible to buyers. Buyers want to be in a space that they can aspire to, which is not how we typically live in a home!

So carefully consider each item buyers will see, and consequently feel – paying attention to these key elements can completely change the feel of a home to one that buyers will love. Buyers buy on emotions, and the "stuff" in your house, what is on a walls, and the soft accessories play a key part in ramping up buyer's emotions.

The “Stuff”

We all love our “stuff,” right? But when selling your house, buyers need to see themselves living there to make an emotional connection. If your family portrait or your collections are displayed, they’ll feel like they’re in your space, not a space that could be theirs. Learn more about our Occupied Home Staging Services here.

Personal or unexpected items are distracting to buyers, preventing them from seeing the valuable features of your house that should be highlighted. So carefully consider each piece of decor to decide if it needs to be “pre-packed” or could be displayed in the room because it appeals to buyers.

But, avoid the other extreme that I see often: clearing off every flat surface. Yes, that does get rid of the “stuff,” but the rooms then also become devoid of emotion, and doesn’t help buyers fall in love with your house. Displaying some larger décor pieces on flat surfaces helps buyers feel at home and adds to the “irresistible” feeling.

The Walls

The color of your walls can drastically impact a buyer. Put another way, a bold or personal color will negatively impact their feelings about the house, while a fresh, neutral color will blend into the background and compliment the room. You want the latter! It's well-worth it to invest in painting over bold or personal color choices in a more neutral palette. Paint is "money in a can!" Learn more about our Color Consultations here.

After painting, consider purchasing new artwork that is neutral in design and complementary of the colors of each room. After bold paint colors, buyers’ eyes are drawn to artwork immediately, so have it set the tone for the space by helping to enhance and highlight the features of each room.

Common artwork mistakes I see include random placement, as well as using art that is too small and/or too high on the wall. In these cases, the room will feel “off.” (Most of the time, the center of a piece of art should be hung at 56"- 60” from the floor.) Buyers want to be in a house that feels pulled together, and artwork is an important factor in accomplishing this.

The Soft Accessories

New, neutral-colored throw pillows and blankets in muted colors and patterns that complement the room make a couch or chair look comfortable and inviting. When staging, my assistant pokes fun at me for taking 10 minutes to carefully arrange a throw on the couch to look like someone just got up from a nap! But these small connection points help buyers see themselves relaxing in the space. Keep in mind that emotions sell houses (…and throw blankets can help)!

Investing in fresh, white or cream bedding with a few rows of fluffy pillows can instantly update a primary bedroom and make it irresistible to buyers. A new, light-colored rug in a living room with hardwood floors pulls a room together, while faux plants in current styles soften hard corners and add interest to your décor.

Potential buyers want and need to feel that “welcome home” feeling when viewing your home for the first time in order to love it. If you keep these three key elements: your "stuff," what's on your walls, and using soft accessories in mind before listing your house, it will help make it so irresistible to buyers that they can’t help but want to make it theirs!


Home Transformations Staging & ReDesign would love to help you streamline your selling-preparation process by customizing what you need to do and helping you prioritize your tasks!

Call or message us today to set up a free Discovery Call and start preparing today to get top dollar for your home! 724-302-4663 (HOME)

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Staged, styled and these photos and blog post by Amy @hometransformationsstaging

Amy was named as one of’s “30 Top Experts in the Home Staging Industry as a ‘Home Stager Driving the Industry Forward 2023,’ noted for her expertise and knowledge, experience, and growth as an inspiration to others." Amy was also awarded by the International Home Staging Awards 2021 as a Finalist in both the Best Occupied Home Project and the Best Transformation Project categories, as well as having one of Home Staging Resources’ “Best of the Best” stagings in May 2021 and September 2022.

Initially published in 228 Corridor Neighbors Magazine,

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