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7 Steps to having a Fabulous “New” Room using what you Already Own on a Tight Budget

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Between socially distancing and February weather in western PA, who couldn’t use a fresh “new” space? You don’t have to drool over rooms you love on Pinterest anymore – chances are, you probably have what you need already, and don’t know it!

It’s easy to do if you break this process down into these 7 steps. We'll walk you though a room transformation! Read on and you, too, can have and will LOVE your fresh, “new” room!

First off, remember that you DON’T have to have all new “stuff” to feel that transformation! You have most of what you need already!

1. One room.

Choose one room to focus on. Only one! Or, if all your rooms feel too overwhelming, pick a small space to start, like your entryway, a little nook in the kitchen, or the far corner of one room!

2. Remove....

Now, temporarily remove all the accessories, décor, books, craft supplies, piles of stuff you were going to do someday, random dog toys, and lost shoes, to name a few! Ideally, you also remove all artwork if it comes off the wall easily without damage! We want artwork to complement our rooms, not design around it!

In this room, everything has been removed, with only the large furniture pieces left, along with 1/4 of the original books that we knew we would use for the redesigning. (Mainly because I didn't want to carry out heavy books only to bring them right back in!)

3. Rearrange!

The rule is, you HAVE to rearrange the furniture, even a little bit! (You can also take the opportunity to clean as you go!) If you don't rearrange it, you will be right back where you started, and it'll look the same as when you started. Cleaner, but the same! And we don't want that! So swap some things around, try it out in a new place, and see what you come up with. You may be surprised!

See how we moved this chair over by the window? Add a footstool, a little lamp, a cozy blanket, and Wa-La, an adorable little reading nook!

4. Now comes the fun part! Accessories....

Only put back the accessories you really like, and the rule here is to put them in a new place in the room! :-)

Have some big gaps where you need something else? Go look around your house, in your other rooms, closets and basement for forgotten decor that would look good in your new space.

Include your favorite photos and collections, but try putting collections in a “cluster” instead of scattered throughout the room. (This keeps the focus on the group as a whole, and actually makes it easier to see and enjoy them!)

5. Store it!

Put the items that aren’t going back into the room in a labelled box in the basement until next year. :-)

6. Optional updates (AKA: Shopping!)

Now, if you are feeling inspired and still looking for more “freshness," make a few simple purchases for updated accessories. These are some inexpensive choices that go a long way towards making your space look updated (but on a budget)!

Many of these goodies above can be found at Amazon, Target, or Ikea. You don't have to find the exact same item, but just something close that you like! Use these as ideas of where to start. They are all trendy yet classic accessories that will "go" with and freshen up almost any room and style!

7. Sprinkle in the new!

Find a great spot in your revamped room to sprinkle in your new purchases, and enjoy!

Here is what one space that includes some new accessories purchased to update the room looks like:

This mantle has items that were elsewhere in the house, like the candlesticks, books, and plants, and we combined them with a new mirror and a few other new accessories for a pulled-together look!

8. Now pick another room and try it again!

Having a “new,” fresh space in your home to enjoy with your family is easy to do if you break it down into these 7 steps. With a little work and planning, you, too, can have and will LOVE your fresh, “new” room!

We focus on providing affordable, fresh, new spaces for you, no matter your budget. Have a room? We'll make it work! See our ReDesign page for an explanation for all of our ReDesigning services!

Happy ReDesigning!

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