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More staging stats and sources, for those of you who want to be "in the know!"

1. Staging increases the value of your home by 6-20%.


  •The 2019 National Association of Realtors (NAR) survey of over 2,300 realtors found that about half of the seller's agents believe that a staged home increases the value of the home by 6-20%. 

  •On a $300,000 house, that's a price increase of $18,000-$60,000!   

   •Home staging services can cost from $200 (consultation) to 1-3% of the home's value, depending on what needs to be done, furniture rentals etc...  However, for a small investment of 1-3% in professional staging /updates, your rate of return at 6-20% is HUGE!  (NAR)

2.  The cost of staging is ALWAYS less than your first price reduction!


  •Price reductions cut 100% into your profits!  

  •According to a 2018 study by Home Staging Resource of over 3,500 professionally staged homes, a staging investment of just 1%-3% of the home's price generated a return of 8-10% in the sale price of the home! 

  •So on a $300,000 house, if the seller invests even 1%, (= $3000), in preparing it to sell, they will typically see a $24,000-$30,000 return!  


3. Staged houses spend up to 90% less time on the market.


  •Professional, certified stagers can use your house's layout and features, and many of your own belongings, to make your house one that buyers will want to live in! 

  •According to the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), professionally staged houses will spend 90% LESS TIME on the market and will usually sell for up to 20% MORE MONEY than the competition. 

  •Home Transformations Staging & Redesign can work with what you have to sell your house faster than the competition!


4. Beautiful photos highlighting your home's features are key. 


  •95% of buyers look first at photos online before deciding if they will visit the house in person. 

  •Research shows that they need to connect emotionally with a house to "fall in love" with it. 

  •Buyers make up their mind within the first few seconds of seeing pictures of a house (don't you when you see pictures online?). 

  •Beautiful pictures of appealing rooms are KEY to getting a buyer faster and willing to pay more money.

  •When you prepare your house to sell, you need to think like a buyer. 


5.  Staged homes appeal to more buyers.


  •Staging is more than just hiding dirty laundry and straightening up pillows.  It is all about marketing, merchandising, and design. 

  •A staged house, whether occupied or starting as vacant, will make a big impact on the market with beautiful photos, highlighted features, and spaces that appeal to most buyers to get your house sold faster and for more money.  

  •Model homes are staged to appeal to the buyers' market so they sell fast and for the most money possible. 

  •Developers know that 83% of home buyers find it difficult to visualize the property as their future home when it is either empty or is decorated in a way that distracts them from seeing the features of the house (NAR survey, 2019). 

  •If your house is clean, beautiful, free from distractions, and styled to highlight its best features, it shows you are offering a turn-key ready home!

  •63% of today's buyers are willing to pay more money for a house which does not require any renovations and is move-in ready.

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