Rearrange & ReDesign your current home for the way you actually live.

Feel at home. Express your unique style, in ways that work for you.

Re"Designed to Dwell" Services:

We can creatively use what you already have to rearrange and redesign your home into the transformed space that you've always wanted!  One that works for you and your family, and stays within your budget. 

Feel like your home is too small, set up awkwardly, has furniture that feels too old, too big, or doesn't match?  We can use a lot of what you have in a new design that will make it feel like a new room! 

We use 9 key aspects of design to create spaces that work for you, and that will help you "Feel At Home."  We provide various levels of support for you, depending on what you need; these are outlined in our Services below.

Ready to use your existing furniture, accessories and special collected items in a way that creates a room that feels like you've always wanted?

ReDesign Services:

DIY'ers Virtual ReDesign        $99/room
In 5 easy steps, we can take your boring, lifeless room
from drab to fab, just by using photos that you upload!
Great for DIY'ers that just need some direction, decisions
and a plan!
  1.   a brief Discovery Call to discuss your needs 
  2.   upload photos
  3.   we make a design plan for you
  4.   schedule a phone-consultation to discuss the plan
  5.   then you implement it and enjoy!
ReDesign Consultation   $99/room  
        1.  Start with a Discovery Call to find out what you want and need.
        2.  If you are doing a stand-alone ReDesign Consultation: 
We visit your house and will give you design ideas and direction while we are in the home.  Then you go to it from there!
        3.  If you are going to have us continue on to do a One-Day Refresh or Full-Room ReDesign: 
We visit your home and get more information, see the space, get measurements, photos etc...  Then we schedule the One-Day Refresh or the more extensive Full Room ReDesign (cost credited back for the Consultation!)
(credited if you use us for the remaining two services:  One Day Room Refresh or Full-Room ReDesign)
One-Day Room Refresh Transformation        $550
         Rearranging the Space, Flow, Feel and Usability.
        Includes 4 hours in the home, 2 hours of accessory shopping, and a return visit for styling!
Name your home's "problem area" and see what we can do within your budget! 
By using your things in new ways, we can make your spaces feel refreshed and new.  We work with your room's features, focal points, and traffic flow to rearrange a space that works for you, for much less than buying new furniture!  Give us a few hours and see what we can do!
This "Rearrange" service is for those who want their home to have a fresh, new look using the furniture and accessories you currently have.  This may include relocating or repurposing your items to give your home that fresh, warm look you are aiming for. We also include shopping for a few new purchases to update and complete the new look, and then return to style these new items into your home!
                1. Start with a "Discovery Call" so we can find out about your needs and wants for your room.
                2. ReDesign Consultation (Required) (See above for more details)
                3.  In-home Refresh Transformation can usually begin within 2 days!

Full Room ReDesign Transformation:          price varies

        (Redesigning the Space by Planning for Larger or Smaller Remodeling or Renovations)

This service is for those who want their home to have a fresh, new look, bringing in new features, furniture and accessories to complete the look you have been dreaming about. We also offer ideas of new purchases to complete the new look. You are welcome to shop for these items on your own or we will shop for you!

1.  We start with a brief "Discovery Call" phone interview, so we can gather some information before the in-home ReDesign Consultation.

2.  Consultation and Proposal:  

We will visit your home to get the information we need to plan your design during the ReDesign Consultation (Required.  See above for details.)

3.  Planning stage:

We will get to work planning a space that will work for you, be within your budget, and that you and your family will love, including suggestions and options on various new furniture styles, specific pieces to purchase, paint color palette, specific redesign suggestions and options for each aspect of the space, as well as suggestions for furniture, accessories and updates that will further beautify the room. 

To do this, we may use our newly-acquired software that allows us to make design boards with all suggested items, including clickable links to make shopping a breeze!

4.  Sharing of the vision and next-steps planning:

We will meet via Zoom or in-person to review our suggestions for your space, and either you or we can make plans for next-steps as necessary, ranging from painting to purchases to updates to lighting, flooring, or whatever the job entails. (Some smaller work may be able to be completed by us -- see the Optional Redesign Services.)

5.  Final arrangement, design, and styling:

And then, there is an option to arrange and beautify the room for your friends' and family's "final" reveal!  This is after the renovation work and any needed shopping is completed. 

Optional Redesign Services: 

Cosmetic Updates / “Honey-Do-List”:            $ varies

Certain smaller jobs can be handled by us!  Talk to us about what we can do to cross things off your list. Can only be added to a redesign service, not as a stand-alone service.

Shopping Services:                $50 /hour

We can save you time and money with our discounts and shopping smarts!  We can get a discount at many places, and shop for renovating samples or your recommended accessories at a reasonable hourly rate, plus the cost of the items.  You can be sure that we will get all the "pieces" for your project so you can enjoy the beautiful changes to your home and not be stressed or stuck in indecision mode.

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We are an HSR Certified Professional home staging and interior redesign organization serving  Grove City, Mercer, Slippery Rock, Hermitage, Neshannock, PA and the surrounding area.  We have completed the most comprehensive and intensive home staging and redesign certification courses in North America provided by the Home Staging Resource

The HSR Certification program was the first and is one of the only Accredited staging training by the Real Estate Staging Assocation (RESA), who is the governing body for the home staging industry.​

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