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Our Staging & Redesign Services

can now be done "remotely"!

Same services, but from a distance!

We can easily do these Owner-Occupied Staging Services remotely:

   * Both Consultations (Pre-Listing and Combination)

   * Photo-Prep Staging Day Service


The Easy Process:

  1. Contact us to schedule and get a log-in key for our Remote Consultation organizer.  (It is a private communication tool where we can share resources and photos.)

  2. Payment will be made by you, your Realtor, or both, depending on the payment plan your Realtor has chosen. 

  3. Upload photos of certain rooms of your house. (You will be guided in which rooms to photo and how.)

  4. Using the Action Plan form we will provide, we will "walk through" the house with your phone, room by room, and you will record our recommendations and information on the forms.

  5. We will provide additional helpful pictures and/or guide sheets on our organizer for you to use.

  6. You can contact us at any time while preparing your house if you have questions or want to send us a picture to check over.

  7. We will contact your realtor after we are done with an approximate date your house will be ready for pictures.


We can also do some of our ReDesign services remotely with a similar process!  Contact us for more information.

Call us for more information!