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Resources to share with your sellers to make YOUR listings stand out!

Moving House
You want what is best for your clients:  their house to look the best it can, the photos to be beautiful, and the space to welcome buyers home when they visit.
This growing list of resources that you can use yourself or share with your sellers will help give you the reputation for being a proactive agent.
A NEW helpful guide will be added each month!
(Please let me know if there is something in particular you would like to have available to share!)

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Listing Alert! 
Did you know.....?

 A new listing gets 3x's more views in its first week on the market than at any time after that.  So launch your homes fully staged from the beginning!

A home gets 5x's more views on its first day of listing
than on subsequent days (Redfin), and more in-person tours during the first week on the market.

They'll love the staged room photos, and fall in love with the house emotionally after actually being in those rooms!