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Styled & Staged by

Home Transformations

Staging & ReDesign

Whether listing soon or it's been on the market too long and needs a
jump-start, we use simple but powerful strategies to transform your home. 
Staging sells homes and creates measurable, marketable results; attracting a greater number of potential buyers, higher offers, and faster sales.

We work with both occupied and vacant homes to create a space that buyers can aspire to.



We want buyers to "Feel At Home." 

Our staging is for ANY budget, and we start with a consultation using your own decor and our 9-step "Feel At Home" process so the greatest number of buyers will truly feel at home.  Staging can make you THOUSANDS more on your house sale!

Staging is for EVERY house! 
From a Consultation to full staging, we work within
your budget to maximize your profit.

We specialize in the visual marketing of homes for sale by using your items or ours to highlight your home's strengths and selling features.

Staging is a combination of interior design, psychology of space and color, and understanding of photography to attract buyers to the all-important in-home visit.

We partner with realtors, homeowners and investors to make the visual merchandising of your house a seamless, customized process from beginning to end.

What we can do for you:

Realtors, raise your marketing to a new level
and stand out amongst the competition: