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Staging, ReDesign

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....we've got you covered.

Staged & Styled by

Home Transformations Staging & ReDesign


We believe...

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....that every house benefits from a customized, "magical" transformation in order to present as strongly as possible to the market, increasing its actual and perceived value.

Home Staging is bringing art and science together to market your house for sale.


if you are living in the house while it is being sold, that is "Occupied Home Staging," and we will use YOUR ITEMS to highlight the features of each room while recommending changes and updates that buyers want to see. 


These recommendations can make the difference of thousands of $$$$, from what to pack and what to leave out to style with, choosing paint colors, and rearranging furniture and decor items in a way that will draw in more buyers.

We also do a limited number of "Vacant" house stages, infusing these otherwise sad houses with life, aspirational rooms, and plenty of emotional connection points, all key to attracting buyers.

Bringing you....

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Click through this Series of Vacant and Occupied Staging Photos:

Staged & Styled by

Home Transformations Staging & ReDesign

Home Staging research shows time and time again that it works.

Houses that are staged sell faster and for more money than unstaged homes; it is one of the most important things you can do to prepare to sell!

Since online views of real estate photos are so important, your marketing photos can no longer be just mediocre. 


transforming "lived-in" homes

into showstoppers... using what you already have to prepare your house for the market! 


We're talking DIY-ing your way to a showstopper....

...without having to get new furniture or move out while you sell.


My Specialty is

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Occupied Home Example:

Selling your house, condominium, or a family member's estate home?  We've successfully staged all of these, and have the experience you are looking for.


See the many before and after home staging photos

on our website and social media, and be prepared to be "magically" amazed!

occupied staging, living room

Staged & Styled by

Home Transformations Staging & ReDesign

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Want to learn more about the importance of home staging in the real estate market?

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