We bring value to both occupied and vacant homes to
create a lifestyle that buyers will aspire to.

Whether listing soon or it's been on the market too long and needs a
jump-start, we use simple but powerful strategies to transform your home. 
Staging sells homes and creates measurable, marketable results; attracting a greater number of potential buyers, higher offers, and faster sales.




We want buyers to
"Feel At Home." 

Our staging is for ANY budget, and we start with a consultation using your own decor and our 9-step "Feel At Home" process so the greatest number of buyers will truly feel at home.  Styling to sell or staging a vacant house can make you THOUSANDS more on your house sale!

Styling to Sell is for EVERY house! 
From a working Consultation to full vacant staging, we work within your budget to maximize your profit.

What we can do for you:

We specialize in the visual marketing of homes for sale by using your items or ours to highlight your home's strengths and selling features.

Staging is a combination of interior design, psychology of space and color, and understanding of photography to attract buyers to the all-important in-home visit.

We partner with realtors, homeowners and investors to make the visual merchandising of your house a seamless, customized process from beginning to end.

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(mine is 5th one down)

FINALIST - Best Occupied Home Staging Project (2).png

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(mine is 3rd one down)

I'm SO honored to have won these 2 awards this year! 

Be sure to check out the winners and the other finalists in the International Home Staging Awards!

                    Many thanks to @staged4more!

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@philiphensler on IG

Realtors, raise your marketing to a new level
and stand out amongst the competition:

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