A Realtor-Seller-Stager Partnership is an easy way for you to connect your owner-occupied home sellers with our staging services before their MLS photos.


The Realtors' "One-Step Ready-for-Market Plan:"







1. Your “One-Step” is to talk to the seller about the opportunity to have an occupied-home stager conduct a non-threatening DIYer's Consultation before you schedule the MLS photos.  Then, simply forward them an already-prepared email we’ll send you.  It will introduce them to the consultation process and prompt them to contact HTS&R.  (You won't hear from us again until Step #5!) 





2. Decide who will be paying for the DIYer’s Consultation.

     * Preferably, seller pays for staging services.

     * To incentivize the seller, Realtor could offer to reimburse seller for all or half the consultation cost at closing.  It’s entirely up to you and how you wish to approach this for your marketing purposes.








3. The seller (or agent, if you would rather) will be directed to contact HTS&R within 1 day, so we will priority--schedule the consultation after payment has been made.











4. We will send the seller a link to a private organizer (example above) where we will post educational materials to read ahead of time and explain the process so they know what to expect during the consultation.




5. We will contact you after the consultation is done, with an approximate date that the seller believes they will have their Seller’s Action Plan completed and are therefore ready for pictures.  (You can confirm and arrange this with the seller following your normal procedure.)


6. We will send you a copy of their “Top 10 Priority Action List” for your records.  The seller will also be working from a much more detailed Action Plan, so this Top 10 list is a summary of that.


(The Consultations can be done in-person or remotely if necessary.)

To set this up, please request our one-time email that you can forward to each seller, no matter the price point of the house.  Our part picks up at Step 3, after we hear from the seller (or you!) to set up the Consultation.