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A Realtor-Seller-Stager Partnership is an easy way for you to connect your owner-occupied home sellers with our styling services before their MLS photos.


The Realtors' Guide to what to tell your sellers about working with us:







1. Your “One-Step” is to tell the seller that you "work with a specialist who prepares occupied homes for sale, using just the items they have already.  It is a non-threatening, hands-on, (even fun!) working Consultation.  By the end, you'll be well on their way to, if not ready for, photos and showings!"


So, have them call us and we will introduce them to the consultation process. 





2. Decide who will be paying for the DIYer’s Consultation.


    * Preferably, seller pays for Consultation services.

     * To incentivize the seller, Realtor could offer to reimburse seller for all or half the consultation cost at closing.  It’s entirely up to you and how you wish to approach this for your marketing purposes.








3.  After we talk to them about the process, we will priority--schedule the consultation after payment has been made.



4. We will send the seller a few slides with some educational materials as needed after talking to them.




5. We will contact you after the consultation is done, with an approximate date that the seller believes they will have their Seller’s Action Plan completed and are therefore ready for pictures.  (You can confirm and arrange this with the seller following your normal procedure.)










6. We will send you a copy of their “Top 10 Priority Action List” for your records.  The seller will have some follow-up items to do regarding cleaning, painting, repairs, or the purchase of a few small items such as new bedding or towels, per our consultation.


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