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Celebrate the End of 2020 with a "Help-My-Home" Room Photo Contest!

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Let’s face it, we're all ready for 2020 to be over, and to welcome the new year ahead! We’ve all spent a LOT of time in our homes, and surely have all thought or rethought our design plan (or lack thereof!), found some new things that just don’t work, felt stuck in design-indecision mode, or are just plain are sick of it!

We want to help YOU! We believe that ALL homes deserve to look their very best, and make you feel your best! Surround yourself with what you love and you will love being there. OK, so I initially wanted to do a "ReDesign with Wine" night, but I think we will need to hold off on that until later in 2021! So instead, enter this easy-peasy contest....

Think of the room in your house (or work!) that…..

  1. you just can’t stand anymore.

  2. is just not working for you.

  3. has you frozen by indecision.

  4. you haven’t changed anything about it in over 5 years.

The reality is that you probably have a room or two that fits into one of these 4 categories!

WE WANT PHOTOS OF THESE DREADFUL, NON-FUNCTIONING, APPALLING, BORING AND UNINSPIRING ROOMS! Snap a picture of this room at it’s worst and email it to me at Include a sentence telling why you chose that room. The “best”(OK,"worst") in each category will be used in upcoming promotional material to show others what could be done in that room to help you out! I will analyze it and make suggestions for you and others who are in similar room-situations. How cool is that! (No, I won’t use your name, and Yes, you can steal the redesign ideas and use them to improve your space on your own!)

ONE OVERALL WINNER will be chosen and will win a one-hour (in-home or remote) ReDesign Consultation! Let’s all have a fresh start to the new year by planning spaces that you love!

Deadline to submit is photos is midnight on December 31, 2020. All "Winners" will be announced on January 9th, with ReDesign ideas and consultation to follow throughout January and February.

In the meantime, visit our ReDesign page here, our photo gallery here, occupied home staging services here, and any other page that interests you in the menu above!

Have fun, please spread the word, and good luck! :-)

Merry Christmas and a Happy NEW Year!



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Other Notes that are kinda important:

* You have my word that no names will be used on "winning" photos, or on any photos, for that matter! I know they are "winning" photos because they are NOT your favorite rooms or show your house at its best! :-)

* Any winning photos can be used in future marketing for Home Transformations Staging & ReDesign when paired with my suggestions for a redesign of the room.

* Overall winner of the One-hour Redesign Consultation agrees to provide "after" photos showing any changes that were done based on our consultation that HTS&R can use in future marketing.

* We aren't considering any photographic elements of your submissions, only the room itself. That said, please make sure it is light enough that it can be easily viewed!

* Deadline to submit is photos is midnight on December 31, 2020. All "Winners" will be announced on January 9th. Consultation with the overall winner will be scheduled at this time!

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