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Occupied Homes: Support for Sellers

We can take as much of a house as possible from the "lived-in look" to ready for
photos and showings during our Pre-Listing Hands-On Consultation!

1.  Consultation Photos; Show your Sellers


You can show these to your sellers as examples of the value the
Hands-On Occupied Home Consultation will have on buyers.

** If possible, use a laptop or ipad as the pictures may not show in their entirety on a phone.**


YOU can focus on selling, and WE can show your clients exactly what they can do to appeal to the most buyers, why it will make a huge difference, and how we can get this done with our Consultation and Seller's Action Plan!
And, we can transform the house before their eyes! 

2.  Here are Handouts to give to your Occupied Home Sellers:

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